Real Stories Of People Who Were Looking For A Bride Online

There are many stories of people finding their partner. Some of them have happy endings, other attempts left people disappointed. There are some examples of people who tried and have experience in dating online.

Nazeem from South Africa: likes Russian attitude towards marriage

Nazeem from South Africa managed to find a bride from Russia online when his attempts with local women led to nothing. He has always thought he would not mind having a bride from Russia. Their attitude towards life and marriage is what attracts Nazeem.

Nazeem had several flights to Russia, found two women he liked, each time he thought they were the one, until one day he met a Russian girl online, they started chatting, then talking via Skype, soon enough he flew to a Russian city Perm to meet her offline. Few more trips and they got married.

Todd: they ignored him when he came

Of course, not every story is that bright. Todd spent a lot of time carefully scanning all the candidates on a web site. Then he narrowed the list of the girls he liked best to two.

The web site he registered at, took money for conversation with women and also organized trips for lonely men to Russia to meet their possible future brides. Todd had to take additional shifts for half a year to gather the money he needed. But once Todd arrived, none of these two brides answered his calls, so he spent a week in Moscow lonely and sad.

It might be that Todd took the deal way too seriously or wanted to get bride out of his circle.

Thomas: loves spending time with their baby

Thomas registered on a website after he heard a lot of stories about Russian wives and became interested if he could also have a Russian bride. He met Eva and soon she came to Great Britain: she has always wanted to visit the Big Ben, now she had someone to stay with and to show her around.

Soon enough they got married and she stayed there. Now they have a baby. For Eva it was such a surprise that Thomas can spend the whole day with a baby and he will not complain after all or become irritated.

As for downsides, Eva mentions, that her husband has a successful career and can’t spend with her as much time as she wants.

As in real world, looking for a bride online could also go both ways. You cannot predict a human factor or maybe this way of searching for a bride is not just for you. Whoever is looking for a bride online has to understand that it is important to see person in reality, to see their emotions, behaviour, being able to touch the person.

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