Who Are Prettier: Russian Women Or Ukrainian? What Do Foreigners Think?

There are plenty of beautiful women all around the world. Every country has its own standards of beauty and its own view on what girls are pretty. However, ask any foreign man and he at least heard about the stereotype that Ukrainian women and Russian women for marriage https://ladadate.com/russian-brides are the prettiest. So, let’s find out foreigners opinion on who is prettier: Russian or Ukrainian girls?

What do foreigners include in being “pretty”?

Being pretty does not only mean to have attractive features of the face, but also includes having nice body, hair and teeth and just being overall healthy. This is what comes to mind when we think about physical appearance. 

Apart from this, foreigners, who were asked to describe Russian and Ukrainian women, also mentioned manners, the way girls talk and behave, the way they move, whether it all can be considered feminine. Intelligence, education, background, sphere of interests and self-improvement were also mentioned when talking about what makes girls truly beautiful.

Also, many foreigners pay attention to the way girls dress. One comment included a phrase that Russian women dress cheaper but even cheap clothes look better on them. It has become almost a stereotype that Russian women always wear high heels, and wherever they go, they have make-up and their hair done: they cannot afford to throw rubbish looking awful.

Official records

Although for most non-Slavic people there is virtually no difference between Russian and Ukrainian women, they have some features that can tell them apart. Ukrainian girls have dark or reddish hair, while among Russian there are more blonds. Ukrainian girls usually also have darker eyes, while the number of Russian with blue eyes are higher. 

Apparently, Hong Kongese were able to separate each nation, they study their features, the way women from both countries behave and put Ukrainian girls on the first place. Researches described Kiev as a city filled with beautiful women where you can meet them everywhere on the street. Also, according to Hong Kong, girls in Kiev are well-educated, and are always ready to talk about philosophy and literature.  

Other men, who shared their opinions online, admit that most of the time cannot tell Russians and Ukrainians apart but consider them beautiful. Feminine qualities are ranked very high. Slavic girls tend to be shy, do not pretend they are independent, most of them can dance and sing. They care about their man, their children, know many recipes, keep their houses clean and cozy. Men like how Russian women try to be well-dressed and pretty no matter where they are going: to a nearest community store, to work or to a date. 

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